Robin and Lucienne Day

Robin and Lucienne Day

Sir Bernard Miller was keen to create a distinctive house style for the Partnership and, in 1962, recruited the services of Robin and Lucienne Day as the Partnership’s Design Consultants. They initially reported on their findings and suggested the engagement of Hans Schleger, a graphic designer to create a new JLP symbol and packaging design.

In 1967 they produced the Partnership Design Manual which detailed the new house style for the JL division. They then created a new style for Waitrose including everything from own brand labelling to shop interiors. Waitrose were presented with a Royal Society of Arts Design Management Award in 1971 demonstrating the impact the Days had made on the brand.

The couple finally retired from their role in 1987 but remained close to the business, Robin designing furniture and Lucienne creating wall hangings for branches including the “Aspects of the Sun” pieces for John Lewis Kingston.

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  • To commemorate the centenary of Lucienne Day, the John Lewis Heritage Centre, Cookham, have produced an exhibition titled ‘The Legacy of Robin & Lucienne Day: a Partnership Perspective. 

    This exhibition is open every Saturday, 10am – 4pm and will showcase the Day’s lasting legacy within the Partnership.  

    By Emma Summerell (11/01/2017)

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