Christmas 1939

In the Autumn of 1939 the Odney Club prepared for the arrival of over 100 evacuees: Partners families seeking sanctuary from the anticipated wartime bombing of London and other target cities. 80 evacuees spent Christmas 1939 at Odney and this number was increased when the fathers of each family were able to join them.

On Christmas Day over 100 people sat down for a traditional lunch. In the evening a special tea was served for the children and Mr Ronnie Ryall, manager of central despatch at Clearings, took the role of Father Christmas. Every youngster was given a present, courtesy of the Director of Trading.

Photograph of Partnership evacuee children, Odney 1939

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  • In 2017 the 2 year old being held in the left of this image revisited Odney as a special treat for his 80th birthday. He was most surprised to see that his photo had been included in an exhibition about the Odney Club and even more surprised when we told him that we knew this and that a lunch table was waiting for him in the club as a special ‘VIP’ visitor.

    By Emma Summerell (05/01/2021)

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